A case study from the live video production industry

Disrupting the video broadcasting industry

Steffen Skopp
Head Of Marketing bei Boinx Software Ltd. / Marketing Consultant

History is repeating

The story of digital transformation keeps repeating again and again. By 2019, we all know some examples, maybe we have already been personally involved in one or another. Many industries have been transformed completely or at least are still getting transformed right now. This topic is a bit 2015 – fair enough – but to be frank, the reality in many of our industries is a bit more analog than we want to admit.

IP based video #1 trend in 2019

Justing Firesheets from churchproduction.com rated „IP-based video“ as the #1 trend for 2019 published in Top 3 AVL Trends for Churches in 2019. The churches in the US are a large customer group for live video production systems and can be seen as a strong indication for future trends.

Digitalisation seems to outperform conventional solutions by far and there is not a single industry which has moved back into conventional technologies after digital transformation took place. Personally, I have had the chance to get first-hand experience at Leica Camera when digital cameras, smartphones, and apps came up and transformed the world of images and videos forever.

Recently, I started to work in the live video broadcasting industry which is not yet fully digitalized. Established businesses still adopt analog concepts into the digital world and hope for maintaining their status quo as long as possible. Analog looking machines are displayed onto screens, labeled as “digital products“.

Disruptive mindset

In contrast to that, we at Boinx Software innovate workflows by starting digital from the start. Instead of modeling the existing analog solutions into digital products – we create digital solutions for digital problems. We don’t care about old rules, we don’t accept analog limitations – we create solutions for people like us – digital natives.

Our solutions have the power to disrupt the broadcasting market. Just imagine, that we are able to shrink a 15-ton broadcasting truck of electronic equipment into a single downloadable software onto your laptop which can be operated by a single person.

Let’s be disruptive! 

mimoLive™ is a professional live video mixing and streaming software for Mac developed by Boinx Software.





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